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Built long & tough, the MoTowWhee is designed for the big adventures an Electronic Bicycle or Motorcycle will take you on.

You can hook your bicycle up to your friend with an E-Bike or pull a broken motorcycle back to the truck. Small and lightweight to keep in your pack this super stretchy tow bungee will keep you prepared just in case a tow is necessary. It will function great stand alone but along with optional unique attachment accessories such as the Universal Peg Strap, Quick Release or Universal Fork Strap you will be able to tow safely with ease.

Relaxed it is 72" and stretches out to 192". The bungee is actually tuned very soft so it can be used for almost any activity including towing kids on bicycles to make it a one size fits all product.

WARNING: Towing motorcycles is extremely dangerous! Go slow and have clear communication.

SALE E-Bikes/Motorcycles. Not from Norway ? code vatfree in checkout.

kr 390,00 Regular Price
kr 312,00Sale Price

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