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Prologo Nago Evo PAS TiroX Saddle - hard black

The Nago Evo PAS TiroX saddle sets the mark for the combination of weight, comfort and performance. The TiroX rails of a light-alloy steel offer high resistance to traction and torsion. They have a good balance between weight and stability.

The PAS system is a processing of the base of the saddle. The channel has been designed to eliminate pressure and numbness to a zone of support delicate as the pelvic area.
The half-round seat shape is suitable for middle-range distances. It is versatile, universal applicable and allows for an individual sitting position.
The Ergo Shape Design as a result of many ergonomic studies offers a slimmer middle part for efficient pedaling and increased performance.
The Nago Evo PAS TiroX is a high tech saddle for every rider who wants the top sport performances.

U-clip readyfor fixing saddle bags and lights with u-clip mounting system.
Cushioning: Foam
Material: tubes: light-alloy steel
shell: carbon reinforced composite
cover: microfiber
Weight supplement: 134 mm)
approx. 222 grams (141 mm)


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