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Knevarmere som holder deg var og puster bra.

One Size Fits All

Kneekers have been in the DeFeet product line since 1996. They have seen upgrades over the years but remain largely unchanged. Today we make Kneekers in both Merino Wool and COOLMAX¬ EcoMade. While many products lose their lustre over such a span, Kneekers keep converting riders into fans, even among professional cyclists. The reason is simplicity, performance and value. There is nothing on the market close to the price of Kneekers that can do a better job at protecting and warming the knee and quadricep while riding. Everybody say "Yeeha! Let"s go do some cold weather sprints!"

Composition: 55% CoolMax® EcoMade™, 45% Lycra™/Nylon

Defeet knevarmere Black - CoolMax

kr 199,00Price
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